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Sandhurst, Berkshire – April 2013

This project first required the removal of a large tree stump, prior to building the retaining walls and laying the concrete base.  The shelter, designed by Peter at HGS, was custom-made from treated timbers and cedar roof shingles.  It was erected and bolted to the wall and base, then stained with wood preservative. 

The upper decking area was prepared using weed suppressant and parallel joists, making an impressive sun deck alongside the hot tub.  A removable step was also made to allow access to the front panel of the hot tub, as well as adding deck lighting.  

The hot tub was manoeuvred into place with a specially-adapted trolley and plumbing and electric work completed.   Once filled with water and water balance checks made, the hot tub was ready for use.

 Tree Stump Removal Hot Tub Base Preparation Concrete Base for Hot Tub Build Sun Deck alongside Hot Tub Hot Tub installed Completed Install of Garden Hot Tub

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