Why HGS Hot Tubs?

The HGS Hot Tub Range

HGS Hot Tubs BerkshirePlease take a look at our wonderful range of six HGS Hot Tub spas, designed to suit most needs and budgets. Each hot tub spa in our range comes complete with a quality tapered insulation cover, and CD ozone combined with Spa Frog sanitising system. And with stereo systems, and underwater perimeter Chroma-Therapy lighting available as custom options, whichever one you choose, it’s going to be packed with quality features to enhance your experience.

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We now have a Hot Tub on display in the Crown Conservatories & Windows Showroom at Henry Street Garden Centre, Arborfield, Berkshire RG2 9JY.

The display is not manned, so please call Peter on 07749 863650 to arrange an appointment.

Consider a BISHTA Stakeholder Account for extra peace of mind

As a BISHTA Member, HGS Hot Tubs is able to offer customers extra protection on their money when placing an order for a luxury American hot tub through the BISHTA Stakeholder Account Scheme.

The BISHA Stakeholder account will safeguard your money by creating a Client Account where you can deposit the funds upon signed agreement of purchase.  Once the cleared funds have been received by BISHTA, we can progress the order and you will have the added reassurance that your money is held in a secure account until delivery of your hot tub is made. 

For further information on this scheme, please download the BISHTA Stakeholder Account document >>



Quality and Value

The incredible value of our pricing belies the fact the all HGS Hot Tub spas are 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA (nothing from the Far East here!), hand built and finished in Georgia by craftsmen with a richly deserved reputation for making the highest quality spas since 1985, and featuring components from the industry’s most respected manufacturers with an enviable reliability record. So you can be assured of the peace of mind of investing in an absolutely first-class product.

Hand-Crafted Hot Tubs

You can be assured of quality when purchasing an HGS Hot Tub, and this exceptional product line is offered at fantastic value for money too! All HGS Hot Tubs are hand-crafted in America by professionally trained craftsmen, and ergonomically designed to offer remarkable comfort and visual appeal. Whatever seat model you choose, rest assured, the jet designs and patterns of each hot tub in this unique line have been carefully crafted to deliver the most therapeutic massage available.

Colour Availability

See our colour swatches for the full range of shell and cabinet colours available. Spa stocks are maintained on short lead times for quick delivery in most popular colours. However, colour combinations are available to order, please ask us for confirmation of current factory lead times of your preference.


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