Hot Tub Bases and Shelters by Design

HGS Hot Tubs ensure you get the most out of your new spa by offering an optional ‘Bases and Shelters by Design’ Service, providing you with a fully customised hot tub base, spa housing and spa shelter or canopy so you can use it and enjoy it, whatever the weather!

Perhaps you like the idea of the hot tub being fully enclosed with doors and windows, or having a tiled roof canopy providing sturdy and full overhead protection from the elements, or perhaps you just need a light-weight canopy that will be an effective sun-shade and shelter from the rain. Whatever your needs, we can provide guidance and advice and will design and build a shelter that is right for you.

Choosing your hot tub location

When selecting the site for your Hot Tub and possible shelter or gazebo, it is wise to consider the following:

  • Where is the sunniest position?
  • Does the location you have selected offer enough privacy, or is screening required?
  • Does the location give shelter from prevailing winds? This will help to reduce the operating and maintenance costs.
  • Can you run electric cabling to your chosen location?
  • Can you fill and drain the hot tub in this location?
  • Is the selected location accessible for delivery?
  • Stay clear of overhead cables and all electrical appliances
  • Do not locate your hot tub in low run-off areas since rain and melting snow could flood the area and cause pump and equipment damage

A hot tub needs to be placed on a solid, flat, level and continuous surface that contacts the bottom of the hot tub fully and provides adequate clearance all around. You may need to allow 1m clearance to the hot tub access panels for servicing (certainly at the front). If it is to be situated against a wall or in a corner and the clearance is not met, it may involve draining the hot tub to move it for access.

The hot tubs weigh between 1000 to 2925 kgs when full (according to model), plus the weight of 6/7 persons, therefore a solid support is essential. A 10-15cm thick reinforced concrete slab is ideal, but not necessarily required. In most cases a hot tub can be mounted on existing patios which have adequate foundations for the hot tub loading. We can check this during the consultation.

It is recommended that you install your hot tub at ground level which allows easy access to equipment. The base should be at least the size of the overall hot tub – see hot tub specifications. If preparing a new location it may be worth extending the hard standing around your hot tub. This will allow good access for maintenance and person entry, plus avoiding soil splash from water coming over the hot tub edge. You may also like to consider a shelter or gazebo, which will also require a level hard standing.

The hot tub base surface should be anti-slip for wet feet and needs to be a durable and waterproof finish. It is best to avoid hanging foliage that causes algae on the hot tub cover and makes the hard

Electrical connections

The hot tub will require a dedicated 240 volt, RCD protected electrical circuit that is permanently hard wired to the mains supply. Extension cords and plug-in type connections must not be used.

At the chosen hot tub site, a local isolater must be placed at least 2 metres away from the hot tub. 3 metres of cable should then be left for the final connection to the back of the hot tub. All electrical wiring must be installed by a certified ‘Part P’ electrician.


  • HETAS Certificate of Compliance

    If you are installing a woodburner stove, you need to ensure it is fitted by a certified HETAS installer who can provide you with a Certificate of Compliance to demonstrate the correct checks have been made and that the installation is safe.

    The certificate demonstrates that the installation complies with the relevant Building Regulations. The information on the certificate is used to record your installation, and in England & Wales it is used to notify your Local Authority Building Control Department (LABC) of the work that was undertaken. This self certification takes the place of a Local Authority Building Notice. The information can be required to validate your home insurance and will be required in any home selling process. Failure to notify the Local Authority can be an offence resulting in enforcement action.

    Find out more at

    Peter Capaldi at HGS Home & Garden is a certified HETAS installer.

    Shared Article: Customers using a HETAS Registered Installer will be given a HETAS Certificate of Compliance by the installer on the completion of installation work.

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